Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RMVB Playback in Fedora 9

Well I have tons of RMVB files, in F8 everything was dandy, MP3s, RMVBs and basically any other multimedia files you threw at it it just works. Best Fedora release ever, including F9.

Well I upgraded my home PC to Fedora 9 last week. Hmm...Apple trailers OK, MP3s OK, AVIs OK, RMVBs doesn't play...arrgghh. I installed Totem, Mplayer, Xine etc and still it won't work. I downloaded and installed RealPlayer11 from Real.com/linux and the video was jerky.

Until I realised that I used the bin file to install it. Could that be the problem I wonder?

So I downloaded the RealPlayer11GOLD RPM and installed it, walaa...it worked.

Lesson learnt, go for RPMs whenever possible when using RH-based distros.

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