Monday, October 6, 2008

Argghhh...the pain!

Well my lappy comes with one of those XP OEM license. As any proper computer geek (or a self proclaimed one) worth his/her salt I promptly rebuilt it with Linux. All nice and dandy....never quite needed Windows and since I don't play much games, the only reasonable reason for Windows' existence doesn't seem that all compelling.

Well that is until now. There seems to be some slight differences between OSS packages running on Windows and Linux and since my home is Windows free (yay!) the best bet would be having it installed on my lappy to see how OSS stuff runs on Windows.

That's when the pain started. Being a Linux user for so long I totally forgot about stuff like drivers (and why would there be like 5 different NIC drivers for the same model?), anti-virus, anti-spyware, and the performance degradation as a result of making my XP more secured. Urgghh.

Windows Update, another piece of the engineering marvel from the Redmond boys, last count, two; the number of times I needed to reboot before I get any updates.

Seriously I am really spoiled by Linux. Yeah, it's not as "easy" (that is debatable, some might say solving the Rubik's Cube under 5 mins to be easy) as Windows some would say, but hey I never did remember installing any drivers for my lappy.

So darn glad to be back in my "hard-to-use" Linux environment.

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Punk said...

I m still stuck with XP for work...sheesh