Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Downup, Conficker, Kido or whatever

Hmm, all the major news portals have had their piece on the current "viral epidemic" that is sweeping all the computers of the world.

Ehh...I don't run Windows so how does this news affect me? Heck, sad to say I only knew of its name like 15 minutes or so ago.

Since running Linux full-time, I never had to actually bothered to check the latest and the greatest from the wonderful world of Windows worms and viruses. Such bliss!

Sometimes I wonder whether the "security" industry is solely based on the premise of how bad Windows is. I mean if Windows one day releases a super patch that fixes all its vulnerabilities (ok, stop giggling and let's play pretend ok?), I wonder do companies like Trend Micro or Symantec will be relevant.

Symantec tried to be relevant in buying Veritas, well, all they did is to make Veritas even crappier than before. And God help the user who bought into Symantec's marketing campaign. I don't need AVs anymore, but Symantec's NAV has got to be the worst in the market. I would draw a parallel to Maxis' 3G service.

Of course back in the good old days of being a penniless and starving freelancer, Windows was my favourite platform. I mean, I used to pray that all my customers' computers will somehow be so badly infected or messed up that they will call me. Alas, there is a God because he blessed me with Microsoft Windows.

Now back to my blissful existence.

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