Friday, May 1, 2009

Resolving Display Driver issues with Ubuntu Jaunty with Envy

Alberto Milone's wonderful tool, Envy, makes installation of ATI and NVIDIA display drivers a breeze. I had a shock when I installed Ubuntu Jaunty Jakalope (9.04) and there was no prompt for me to install the NVIDIA drivers for my PC's 7800 card.

Got me wondering for a while, remembering kaeru's and GunbladeIV's issue with ATI cards; could Jaunty be broken for non-Intel videos? I mean, it installed well on my lappy's Intel 915.

An hour and numerous searches later yielded nothing. Then Envy popped up in one of the forum replies.

sudo apt-get -y install envy && sudo envy -t got my drivers installed correctly.

Remember to install the recommended driver.

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