Thursday, July 30, 2009

Of being sick and the timing

Great, just woke up about an hour and a half ago. Now what? Responded to some mailing list post, in retrospect may not have been the best decision for someone who is still hazy.

The medication for my fever indeed worked so well that I found myself sleeping most of the time the last couple of days; if only it was continuous sleep and not waking up every few hours or so and feeling gloomy. Seriously, why can't the doctor just gave me something that will knock me out for say 6 hours at a stretch or something?

My fever came about at the worst possible time of the month, I missed two workshops back-to-back. Why can't I get sick over a long weekend or something?

Ok now I am mostly cured of my fever and am wide awake at 230am in the morning. Simply marvelous. Got a text message from the boss reminding me of an important meeting at 9am (any meeting that is ever unimportant?).

Maybe popping another em pills will do the trick? Great, chemically induced slumber. Ah well, time to get some water and perchance to sleep.


Carmen said...

he I'm sick too btw if your wondering why somebody like me is commenting is cause i'm looking at blogs lol

épithomme said...

Hi there !

I hope you're feeling much better.

The following may be of some comfort to you. At any rate, you'd have nothing to lose by simply reading it -- who knows ? It may turn out to be better than gambling on the lotteries ? ;-)


Cheers !

With sincere friendly thoughts,
Mike, Montreal