Monday, May 17, 2010

Hacker's Code

# Hackers come and go, but a great hack is forever.

# Public goods belong to the public.*

# Software hoarding is evil. Software does the greatest good given to the greatest number.

# Don't be evil.

# Sourceless software sucks.

# People have rights. Organizations live on sufferance.

# Governments are organizations.

# If it is wrong when citizens do it, it is wrong when governments do it.

# Information wants to be free. Information deserves to be free.

# Being legal doesn't make it right.

# Being illegal doesn't make it wrong.

# Subverting tyranny is the highest duty.

# Trust your technolust!

* Definition: A good is public if the marginal production cost is lower than the marginal billing cost.

Thanks to Ditesh.

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