Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The often overlooked Seamonkey

I am very happy with my work lappy running CentOS 6.4 - I never need to worry about the next update borking my system.

Unfortunately, the supplied Firefox browser doesn't work too well with my personal banking site. Previously this was unimportant as I always had Google Chrome to fall back on; sadly Google decided not to support Chrome on the CentOS/RHEL platforms.

Would hate to trade the rock solid reliability of CentOS with Fedora - so it hit me why not Seamonkey?

With the EPEL repo added and a yum install seamonkey later, the latest Seamonkey is installed on my lappy - it is actually the same version that is on the Seamonkey site. Nothing to shout about on the looks, in fact being the "old guy" I am - the theme kinda brings me back....ah well...personal banking site....and wallah it works perfectly!! Yay....

Now back to work....

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