Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fixing Totem error ("Missing plugings") when playing vids in openSUSE Leap

Totem, the default video player for the GNOME 3 desktop has always been a difficult beast to tame when I am using openSUSE. My primary work machine runs openSUSE Leap and as predicted, Totem isn't running - no matter what manner of gstreamer plugins added/removed or removing the ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0 directory nothing works.

Posting in the openSUSE group in FB got me a reply from a gentleman ( who suggested that I should install xine. That jigged my memory and I recalled installing the w32codecs package to make Totem work. Did a zypper search but couldn't find w32codec package even in the Packman repo for Leap.

Going through OBS, a preliminary search yielded w32codec packages for Tumbleweed and 13.x. Not Good! I trawled through the repository manually it yielded me the YMP for it at

If you have trouble installing the package from 1-Click Install, download the package and use zypper to manually install it. Just ignore the "Problem: nothing provides needed by w32codecs-1.0-20110133.1.x86_64" error message.

Totem is alive again.....

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