Friday, August 12, 2016

Webcore and Infinality Ultimate on openSUSE Leap is awesome

Previously I wrote about using Infinality Ultimate to make the font rendering on my openSUSE Leap looking fabulous. Well, Yuzery Yusoff in the OpenSUSE Malaysia FB group added that he also added the webcore fonts to even make it more fabulous.

Here are his comments :

" My steps installing infinality ultimate:
1. Google "infinality ultimate opensuse"
2. Add repo frm ( coz im using tumbleweed)
3. Open yast>software management and view repo. Choose repo for infinality and switch to it and follow further installation
3. After finish with installation, i find "webcore" repo and install "webcore" and "webcore-vista" fonts
4. After finish install both of microsoft fonts, open terminal and type this: sudo fc-presets set
5. It will prompt for choices. I enter no 3 which is meant for ms ( micro$oft)
6. Restart your computer

There u go. The fonts absolutely better, even better than in Windows for me laa..

Because I'm dealing with my peers who still using Windows and Office suite, i need to install WPS Office for exact compatibility

Done. No more just looking tru windows. I ran out from the gates. Go to the open field and play around the open world...hahaha

And my - the effects are really astounding!!

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