Thursday, July 10, 2008

Doggy Poo Ride

Well, an old friend of mine who works for a major MNC that is famous for it laser printers just told me an unbelievable story.

They were all in a conference call with some big a$$ regional mucky muck and guess what? While they all have to sit through the darn meeting (I personally feel that many Managers like nothing more to hold meetings just to show others that they are doing something.) that big a$$ mucky muck had to leave for an appointment with the vet.

Not for her, but I think she should get a jab just in case, but get this, she left the meeting she called so that she can have her dog's stool analysed by the vet.

So I guess what she wanted to say is, you a55h0l3z are not as important as my dog's poo.

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