Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fedora - cutting edge enough to draw blood.

Interesting read here (thanks to KageSenshi)

Fedora, whatever what people say, to me always has this kinda "beta"-ish feel to it as it incorporates the latest stuff in it - even if it breaks stuff as the article above states.

As a result of the latest kernel upgrade on my beloved F9 broke my WiFi I have sheepishly moved my primary desktop at home to Ubuntu 8.04 (hey, love it or hate it, Ubuntu really comes close to becoming the ideal Linux desktop). And no, I did not keep an older version of the kernel as I momentarily lapsed into stupidity and removed older kernels.

Don't think Fedora isn't stable or anything. It has withstood almost anything I threw at it.
Fedora is an excellent platform for adventurous sould and for those who are into seeing what the latest that can come from the OSS world. Stability, I don't think is even second on the list.

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Punk said...

I am always attracted to the bleeding edge thing...despite the fact it can't promise stability.
Simply cause I guess it's more fun.
Of course if I was gonna use a distro for my work I would be using a more stable distro or version of Fedora itself. But if I were to use it at home and stuff....the new one's my pick! Bleeding Edge...thrills me....I like torture :P