Monday, August 25, 2008

Of Linux and Religion

Recently I came across a post (@71) on Distrowatch about not mixing religions and technology. Well, the poster certainly do have issues; but he has a point, is religion compatible with technology?

UbuntuME (Ubuntu Muslim Edition) and UbuntuCE (Ubuntu Christian Edition) are two variants of the immensely popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, catering for the needs of the Muslims and Christians respectively.

I have always held the idea that religious diversity is a fact in life. I have friends from many faiths and race. I eat and work with them daily. So, what's wrong with the picture? Nothing! What? Must strife be a constant companion of inter-faith and inter-racial relationships?

Sheesh! Don't you know? Politics is more destructive than any force on Earth. I say only politics is compatible with politics and non other.

And nothing is more disgusting than a swine of a politician using religion for his own needs.


Clinton Skakun said...

This is weird. It's strange how an operated system could be Islamic or what the hell?

If you using Ubuntu*period* you can download Bible verse, or koran software...why does the whole OS have to be different, all it is is just different wall paper and religious software...

msian_tux_lover said...

True, however, the spirit of FOSS is such is, you can call it Devil's Ubuntu or whatever. Freedom of expression can be a double-edged sword, it can grant the space for growth or room for spite.

Either way, I fully respect the developers choice to call it anything they want. Judaism Linux? Buddhism Linux....hey whatever rock their world man.

Likewise, why call it Ubuntu? What's with the African name? After all, ain't it just repackaged Debian? Why not Debian Enhanced or something right?

Freedom of expression man, too many places in the real world don't have it.