Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wasted moment

I wasted a good evening with my mates to rush back home to watch the final of the Men's Singles Badminton competition of the Beijing Olympiad.

Winning and losing is part of the game as they say, but the way Lee Chong Wei played was just plain horrible; what happened to the ferocious tiger who downed Korea's Lee Hyun-Il and tore through Indonesia's Sony Dwi Koncoro?

Granted, Lin Dan played well and is considered to be currently the world's best, but many of Lin's points were "gifts" from Chong Wei.

Aw man....should have just sat down with my mates and got wasted, me guess it would have been a better use of my time. Perhaps the occasion got to Chong Wei, perhaps it was the partisan crowd, feng-shui, planetary alignment (or anything else apologists would like to add) or just perhaps he is good enough to only win battles but not the war.

Yeah, I am no world class badminton player so I can't possibly understand his pains and the pressure he's under. I also realise that the country has spent millions on the likes of him and all we got are more disappointments.

Yeah I am pissed and I do realise I am ranting like a lunatic. I get that sometimes especially when I see how my tax money is being spent; on a bunch of spoilt, whinning, prima donnas.


Khairil said...

Dude.. that's really really harsh.

The guy made it to the Olympic finals which takes a massive amount of personal commitment and sacrifice. You don't know him at all and yet you judge his personality and call him a primadona?

Mohammed said...


No one doubts that it's an accomplishment to reach the finals in the Olympics.

But Chong Wei is a world class player, we already know that he's capable of that.

What we want is for him to be the top. It's not acceptable for a player of his caliber to be second best.

And while we're on this topic, lets stop praising Malaysians for being second/third best. Lets not hold these people back by comforting them when they lose. They should be number 1 and get harsh criticism when they lose.

We're to accepting of being second best.

Mohammed Firdaus

msian_tux_lover said...


I must agree with Firdaus. As a badminton enthusiast I have followed the progress of our shuttlers and since the 1992 Thomas Cup winning team, our shuttlers have gone from bad to worse.

BAM has spent many millions in upgrading the facilities, equipment and hiring foreign expertise to make our boys and girls world class.

Sadly, all foreign coaches expressed disappointments with the commitments and cite disciplinary issue with our people, heck some of the former players even walked out on training as a protest as the training was deemed too tough! I was ashamed by their actions, what do the likes of Morten Frost and Park Joo Bong think of our players?

Our great Lee Chong Wei turned his back on BAM because he demanded to be coached by Misbun. This guy bit the hand who nurtured him.

So yes I am a bit harsh and yes I do not know him. I don't mind he lost, but at the very least, go down fighting.

At least Mew Choo went down fighting, though she blew the chance.