Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OpenOffice.org 3.0.1 SVG clipart import bug

The much vaunted SVG import feature of OO.o 3.0.1 seem to be broken, for Linux systems at least as I don't do Windows.

I frequently use cliparts in my documentations and slides, (downloaded from Openclipart.org). I usually download the full tarball weighing in at about 111MB.

After extracting it, I do my clipart import as usual from the Gallery (create a new theme -> Find all files -> Add all) and lo and behold OO.o took >98% of my CPU resources! After over numerous retries, I finally narrowed it down to issues importing svg cliparts.

So I I just delete all 'em svg's:

# find /opt/openclipart-0.18-full/ -name *.svg -exec rm -rf {} \;

And managed to import all my other cliparts fine i.e. png's, wmf's etc.

The stock OO.o 3.0.1 from Sun's site may seem fine at first glance by importing all of the downloaded cliparts including the svgs's; however, closer inspection will reveal that it simply ignores the svg's.


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