Monday, March 30, 2009

WTF has Exchange mail routing gotta do with us?

Note : The following is an inside joke with copious amount of disrespect. However, memebers of MY's OSS Community might understand its insinuations and innuendo.

Well, a member of mucky-muck capable agency kept on biatching about its email system not being able to send to someone.

Note to reduced intelligence person, we do Free/Open Source software and thus MS Exchange does not fall under our care.

After all, taxpayers like me have been funding your mail admins for trainings and such. Perhaps it is high time to live up to expectations.

Being someone who made his living managing (baby-sitting is more like it!)MS Exchange, this Ah Beng already know what's wrong but your admins are as thick as 3-inch concrete. I told them once before.

Guess they are just over zealous in locking down the mail server.


blackorga said...


Guess u can try to offer them help and training, but of course with extra payment :)

msian_tux_lover said...

Will do...:)