Monday, May 12, 2008

HP to buy EDS?

Just read this at BBC

Hmm...I have worked for EDS as a contractor in the past and I must say that the people I have worked with there are of higher calibre than their HP counterparts whom I have had the opportunity to interact with. Not work with coz I don't think they can even understand how to do their jobs they are paid to do.

I have had the displeasure of meeting and talking with some of their so called DTS (Deep Tech Support) people and man, if you ever wondered of whatever happened to that incompetent co-worker or vendor, chances are they are at HP.

Imagine UNIX guys who are not even aware of Linux and whine why can't they work with a GUI and are forced to use that Put-tee thingy! Or Windows guys who are not even aware that you cannot functionally have a Windows 2k3 running on a 512MB RAM system and wonder why it hangs often.

These are the people who hide behind procedures and best practices to avoid work and can tell you with a straight face that it's their policy. Duh...policy of not doing work perhaps. These people have perfected the oriental Tai Chi martial art.

I would not say that EDS has all the brains but from my observation, EDS seems to be better.

By the way, I was referring to the Malaysian divisions of both companies.

I hope to God some open-minded HP guy will read this and find ways to improve on their services. Level 3 guys seem to be more interested in dressing themselves in the latest designer labels and gossiping rather than doing the jobs they are hired to do.

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Punk said...

Well due to this even I have swerved away from lookin at jobs in EDS or Shell...cause logically HP takes over EDS thus HP takes over Shell IT too. Sad.
I do not wanna work with morons calling themselves DTS and I still have the million dollar question to HP on what criteria do they use to hire people as DTS engineers. They have no skills, they talk shit a lot, and they don't do their jobs....and the management is pretty blind to that. I do not know about other HP centers around the world but's the worst, it has the most number of morons than anywhere I've seen so far in my working life experience.