Monday, May 12, 2008

Ubuntu DEB Packaging

Hmm...was just informed that I needed to do some DEB packaging for Ubuntu. Seems like more people are into using Ubuntu as their Server OS. Good choice! In a previous employment I deployed a couple of Ubuntu servers in production and it has given me the least problems among my server, including Centos, Gentoo servers.

Got the Ubuntu Packaging Guide PDF off the web and I am trying hard to understand it. So far in my career I have mostly been a Sys Admin (for both Linux and Windows platforms including managing the infamous Exchange incarnations from 5.5 to 2003) and so this is something new. Exciting stuff actually. If only my flu induced blurness is not so bad.

I have read postings about many incompatibilities between the true blue Debian and Ubuntu. So far I have been able to use a few DEBs from the Debian tree (forgot which ones) on Ubuntu without issues; but not vice versa.

I have 8.04 installed and recommended to standardise on it as it is a LTS release i.e. 5 years of free patches for servers and 3 for desktops.

I foresee exciting times ahead.

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