Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OpenLDAP and Samba Migration

Ooo the inner geek in me is tingling with excitement over the idea of having migrating an existing AD domain to an open source OpenLDAP one.

AD, honestly makes things for easy us. In fact I would say it is the easiest of available Directory Service to deploy, commercially (i.e. propreitary) or otherwise.

As I have shared many times with my fellow geeks, it is easy to join an AD Domain but not to take things out. Case in point, try taking an Exchange Server or MS SQL server out of an existing AD domain. Being an ex Windows engineer (been playing with AD since it was Beta 1 and was making a living with NT4 since 1998) most of the MS tips and stuff won't work well until you fork out some serious dough and get a 3rd Party utility.

So like a drug, we surrender our pride, freedom, privacy and sanity to a company who likes nothing better to squeeze every single hard earned sen from you. And we willingly put on the yoke of oppression for what? So that we can pay more?

Talk about Stockholm Syndrome man!!

Now I just need to book up on the technology. Now I just have to find the book, I am sure I have it somewhere.

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